yOsemiTe Trip: ConnecTions tO SeLf
OcTOber 26-28, 2018

- Overview -

Portal Caravan’s “Yosemite Trip: Connections to SELF” is an Experiential Adventure that takes people out of their city environments into nature in order to reflect and to rekindle their relationships with self, our community, and nature.

We believe adventure is one of the most exciting and wonderful opportunities to challenge and grow ourselves. In order to bring harmony to the infrastructure of our cities, we need to regularly harmonize our relationship to self and nature by slowing down and tapping into nature’s rhythm: the sound of the ocean, the rustling of the leaves, the flow of the river, and so on.

The Adventure awaits you. Let's get out and dive in!

- wheN & where tO meeT -

October 26, 2018 7pm
Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort
6979 CA-140, Midpines, CA 95345

- Check LisT -

CLOTHES & STUFF: Before you take off:

- QuesTiOns -

Please take a moment before the trip to reflect and think about the questions listed below. You don't have to have answers to the questions, but taking a time to think about it will make you ready for the journey.

Question 1: What is a verb that desscribes you?

Question 2: What were you like as a kid?

Question 3: What are your 5 core values?